Good Night Messages

1. Love is unpredictable.

Love is painful.

Love is weird.

Love is strange.

Love is wonderful.

Love is a beautiful.

But love is love and it doesn't matter with whom you share it with or how you share it.

Good Night !

2. The shadows of the dark,

With the gleam and that spark,

Night is here, but not for so long,

So, be relaxed and a bit strong,

For a new day to come.

Good Night !

3. The moon is sparkling bright,

So, let go of your fright,

And wait for a new day,

Where you find a new ray,

Of light.

Good Night !

4. Good night is just a thought,

If you think positive, you would sleep well,

And, if not you would think or dwell,

The choice is yours. Good Night !

5. The sparkling stars at night,

Do make a wish for sure,

Because your day will be awesome,

If the wish is true and pure,

So relax and sleep tight!

Good Night !

6. The bright stars that shine in the night,

Takes away all the fright,

Because the day is going to be bright,

So, you need to feel good and alright.

Good Night !

7. The night is finally here again,

So please take some kisses and hugs,

For making your night more sole,

For playing an important role,

In my life. Good Night !

8. Your sweet smile takes my breath away,

At any time of the day,

But, night is the time I miss you the most,

I don't have anything much to boast,

Except that you stay happy as always.

Good Night !

9. Dream big and you shall achieve it your way,

Dream as you sleep today,

Because tomorrow will bring in new hopes for you,

As it will be a day so new. Good Night !

10. You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams. - Dr. Seuss

Good Night !

11. I hope that you are comfy and cozy in bed, ready for a wonderful night’s sleep and awake feeling so rested! I look forward to hearing your voice in the morning.

Good Night !

12. Relax and unwind, may your dreams be kind.

Rest knowing that as you sleep,

you’re always on my mind.

Good Night !

13. Hope you are tucked in nice and tight,

see you in my dreams my love.

Good Night !

14. Every time you close your eyes and fall asleep,

may you have only good dreams.

And every time you open your eyes in the morning,

may the reality be also great!

Good Night !

15. I can’t believe that this long day has come to an end.

After all, wishing you to rest and recover.

Sleep is necessary for our beauty!

Good Night !

16. A really good night is when neighbors are calm and their dog is not barking all night long.

I wish that nothing could interrupt your precious sleep,

until the morning sun shows up.

Good Night !

17. May an amazing day be followed by a really good night. May all the troubles and concerns just go away for a while and don’t disturb you in your sleep. May this night bring you rest and tranquility.

Good Night !

18. Good night.

These two simple words really make difference,

because they mean that you’re not alone and there’s always someone who guards your sleep.

Sleep tight and don’t worry about a thing.

Good Night !

19. We are so exhausted at day’s end that the only thing we really want is to get into the bed and hear somebody wishing us good night. Good Night !

20. This night is so bright and full of stars.

May you have a dream as beautiful as this night.

Good Night !

21. Saying “good night” is such a great bedtime ritual.

I think people should say it more often,

because these words are able to dismiss all the nightmares and give calm and peaceful sleep. Good Night!

22. It‘s dark outside.

Your bed is already waiting for you.

Wishing you comfortable sleep.

Take it easy! Good Night !

23. At this night I wish you that your sleep would be perfect.

You are worth a comfortable bed and warm comforters.

Relax! Good Night !

24. The day has passed,

It is already the night,

The angels shall come and will visit you,

Bringing the sweetest dreams. Good Night !

25. I realize that the sun has set,

I understand that you are tired,

But I can‘t understand how could you fall asleep if you haven‘t wished good night for somebody.

Sleep well. Good Night !

26. Dream about the wind, which carries the beautiful memories…

Dream about love that you fall into…

Dream about the river full of pure joy and everything that you cherish…

Good Night !

27. Winter has brought quietness.

The frogs, hedgehogs and badgers fell asleep,

and the bear is sleeping tightly too.

Close your eyes and peaceful dreams will come to you.

Good Night !

28. Tonight I will be your angel,

I will calm you down, if you are sad,

I will cover you with blanket, if you are cold,

I will lie down near you, if you want to,

And I will invite you to a beautiful dream.

Good Night !

29. A little sweet dream lives on a cloud,

He sleeps at daytime and travels at night,

Tonight he promised to visit you and send my words “Good night, sleep well”.

Good Night !

30. So many stars are shining in the sky,

May one of them bring you the most wonderful dreams.

Good Night !

31. Dream about the wind, carrying the dreams,

Dream about love that you found,

Dream about the river of pure joy,

Dream about everything you cherish.

Good Night !

32. When the sounds become silent,

When the sun goes down and the moon rises,

The magical dreams come to you,

Along with a “good night” message from me.

Good Night !

33. Close your beautiful eyes, relax and don’t think about anything.

Do you feel something? Someone gently touches your lips..

Do not be afraid… It’s me, kissing you and wishing “Good night”.

Good Night !

34. After a long dry and a very tiring day,

the good old night is finally on your way.

It is time when the moon up there glows and gleams,

And the hour when it tells us to have sweet dreams.

So my dear friend reward yourself with sleep tonight,

Here I stop by to your side, to wish you a good night.

Good Night !

35. Night is time to say goodbye to the past,

It is the time to wish for sleep all night that lasts.

It is time to under the blanket get curled,

It is time to get lost in a dream world.

Good Night !

36. The night is a pleasant dream,

It"s a silent thought,

It"s the time when you think about life,

Things that need to be sought!

Good Night !

37. Why are you so upset when the night is here?

Look at the sky, see the stars and keep the mind fresh.

You can’t be looser.

You will surely achieve your dream.

Good Night !

38. When I pray in the night,

I count you in my prayers,

There are people of all types,

But you are too sweet and rare,

Only specially for you.

Good Night !

39. The winds that blow on your face,

The cold wave of the night,

Darkness hints at something more,

Have a super night!

And make way for a new day.

Good Night !

40. As the day turns into the night,

You would see the lovely sight,

So, close your eyes and sleep in peace,

Keep aside your worries and cease.

Good Night !

41. The cool winds of the night,

The moon that shines so bright,

That feeling of silence in the air,

Know that someone really cares your.

Good Night !

42. Leave all your worries aside,

And close your eyes and sleep,

Many thoughts may ponder your mind and deep,

But, this shall too pass,

For a new dawn. Good Night !

43. The sweetest wish is for you,

The silent night to stay,

May you sleep well at night!

Leaving aside your fright,

May you relax this pleasant night!

Good Night !

44. Your eyes are sleepy and your body and mind need rest.

Give yourself the reward of a sound and peaceful sleep.

Good Night !

45. Since the owls have taken over the world to guard, and vampires to look after all of us, take a break from worldly ventures and hit your bed. Good Night !

46. After a day so exhausting and life so rewarding let us take a break from all the business and have a sweet, sound yet tight sleep. Good Night !

47. The day might not have been the way you planned it to be,

Things might not have gone your way,

Winds might not have blown in your direction,

Just take a deep breath and close your eyes,

Fill yourself with optimism for tomorrow and regards for the past.

Good Night !

48. This is the end of the day,

but soon there will be a new day.

Keep your spirits up because there are always more chances.

Good Night !

49. I wish I could come there to you,

I wish I could hug you tight,

Instead of just wishing you a plain good night,

Anyways do dream of me on this night,

And sleep tight! Good Night !

50. I don’t dream about you, because I can never fall asleep thinking about you.

Good Night !

51. I just can’t describe, how I feel.

With my loneliness, I just can’t deal.

All I can think of is meeting you.

This intense despair, I hope you can feel too.

Good Night !

52. Let not this darkness outside be of any effect to your inner self,

wait for the morning and swallow the light and brightness.

For now just close your eyes and let your mind be at rest for some time.

Good Night !

53. Twinkling stars are shining hard to wish another shining star a very Good Night.

Good Night !

54. Rest your little head on your pillow

And drift off to dreams so mellow.

The sky is not too far away,

Just take a step and let your mind play.

The heavenliest of sleep and sweetest of dreams

Will only add on to a smile that beams.

Good Night !

55. The glowing stars and the moon so white,

Make all your worries feel so light.

It may be dark in the night,

But these natural stars make it so bright.

Night has a lesson to teach,

To forget worries and of happiness reach. Good Night !

56. The whole day you struggle,

You work study and juggle,

Let this be the time to relax,

Keep it calm and chillax,

Do not forget to take your blanket.

Good Night !

57. The day just turned to night,

Oh what a lovely sight,

The silence of the stars,

The brightness of the moon,

Brings in the new attune,

Wishing you a lovely night,

Stay blessed and sleep tight!

Good Night !

58. As the light goes dim and the world goes silent let your eyes and body take some rest. Make sure to make it sweet and sound.  Good Night !

59. Let your mind weave into your subconscious. Your dreams will be filled with the beautiful castles your mind creates. Good Night !

60. You may think that I forgot you.

You may think that I don’t care,

and you may think that I’m not thinking of you.

Well, you’re wrong.

You’re still in my dreams.

Good Night !

61. When the clock strikes nine,

it winks at you and says that it is the time,

to make yourself rest in your fine,

comfy bed and wish every one,

a very Good Night. Sweet Dreams

62. Let me sing you a sweet and lovey-dovey song. May you have a bonbon night and sugary dreams. Good Night

63. With your eyes going sleepy, close your books, shut down your computer and walk towards your bed. Good Night!

64. Nights are the best time to lie down and let your mind weave what you subconsciously aspire but consciously neglect. Sleep and let your mind make those beautiful castles for you. Good Night !

65. Clock has already struck 10. The entire world is sleeping and preparing to welcome a bright new sun. You too sleep tight with a heart open for the new sun and all the happiness that it will accompany.

Good Night !

66. Nights, for a hard working person like you come with a message of prosperity and a promise for a new bright sunny day for you to take benefit of it. For now just close your eyes and sleep tight. Good Night !

67. I said to the moon that you are not the one who lightens up my nights.

He asked angrily, then who?

I said only my cute and sweet girlfriend could light up my nights.

Good Night !

68. Close your twinkling eyes,

make yourself comfortable with your teddy,

take a sip of the moon light outside the window sill.

Good Night !

69. Disappointment always arrives before hope and the darkness of night comes before the dawn.

Don’t lose hope now because things will brighter with the new day.

– Henry Rollins

Good Night !

70. The sleepy moon and the mighty sun together are telling you that it is the time to give rest to your mind, body and soul.

Good Night !

71. Before you sleep do not forget to thank all those who made you learn something today. With a willing heart to face a new day hit your bed and sleep tight.

Good Night !

72. This is what has always been the essence of life - disappointment comes before hope, hurt comes before love and dark comes before brightness to make us realize how important their presence is. Good Night !

73. Lets not regret what you could not do today,

With lots of hopes and desires plan your tomorrow,

But for now just close your eyes, remember God, and have a Good Night.

Sweet Dreams !

74. Giving up is not something meant for hard working people like you. Tomorrow will again come with yet another opportunity for you to explore. For now sleep tight.

Good Night !

75. When I was about to fall asleep, my teddy woke me up and reminded me to wish you a night full of happy dreams and wonderful thoughts.

Good Night !

76. Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.

– Edgar Allan Poe

Good Night !

77. Sleep is the best thing that can happen to you after a long day of struggle and hard work. May you too have a sound and peaceful sleep and angel dreams.

Good Night !

78. Since the whole world has taken a break from work, you too switch off the lights, hit your bed and prepare yourself for a journey to the world of dreams. Good Night !

79. During night you are my patient.

So, I’m giving you a prescription in this message.

Take good night as a dosage for the night,

it includes all nice dreams and removes all bad images from mind!

Good Night !

80. Night is come by, so set your bed and go to sleep,

What lies ahead of you, are lovely dreams.

May all your problems and worries melt away,

For tomorrow is going to be a brand new day!

Good Night !

81. Sleep is the best medicine for anxiety and sadness.

You may feel better after a good sleep.

Good Night !

82. Always end the day with a positive thought.

No matter how hard things were, tomorrow’s a fresh opportunity to make it better.

Good Night !

83. If you are facing a heavy pressure due to stress, worries, the night has come to take away all these negative thoughts. Just go to bed and sleep.

Good Night !

84. Rest your head, sleepy-head.

It’s time for me to tuck you into your bed.

Sweet dreams, my child. May the stars and moon shine down into your dreams and make them as beautiful and as sweet as you. Good Night !

85. The night is for relaxing and preparing for tomorrow.

No matter what has happened today, tomorrow brings a new chance for everyone.

Good Night !

86. Everything has pros and cons.

The night is dark but it also helps us to sleep better.

At night you can think deeply about your life.

Take the advantages of night. Good Night !

87. When a thing goes away from us, we realize the value of it.

Night helps us to realize the value of light.

Every dawn comes with the new opportunity for us.

Go to sleep and start your day with a fresh mind.

Good Night !

88. Night is always darker before the dawn and life are the same, the hard times will pass, everything will get better and the sun will shine brighter than ever.

– Ernest Hemingway

Good Night !

89. The darker the night, the brighter the stars, The deeper the grief, the closer is God!

– Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Good Night !

90. As the day into the night fades,

Your worries too find a better place.

Let the stars shower you hope,

And give you the strength to cope.

Night is the time your mind and body sleeps,

For a brand new day that simply leaps.

Good Night !

91. Never let the darkness or negativity outside affect your inner self.

Just wait until morning comes and the bright light will drown out the darkness.

– Haruki Murakami

Good Night !

92. The day is busy enough to keep me occupied.

In the quiet of the night,

I begin to really miss you.

Good Night !

93. As the clock ticks away to midnight,

I just want to say that you are the prettiest and the most beautiful girl in the whole universe. Good Night !

94. Tomorrow is another day when you can finally make it your goal to live life to the fullest,

but it starts with a good night and begins with your eyes opening. Good Night !

95. I think the best way to get a good night sleep is to work hard throughout the day.

If you work hard and, of course, work out.

– William H. McRaven

Good Night !

96. All I wish a sheet of clouds for your bed and bright crystals for the stars.

While you sleep, may the angels play sweet songs that bring you bright dreams.

Good Night !

97. Night is longer than the day for those who dream & day is longer than night for those who make their dreams comes true.

Good Night !

98. When you close your eyes tonight,

try and visualize what you want your future to be.

Think in every detail possible so that you can make your dreams into a reality.

Good Night !

99. As the night gets dark,

let your worries fade.

sleep peacefully knowing you’ve done all you can do for today.

– Roald Dahl

Good Night !

100. There is no one I can see,

Good night my love,

See some amazing dreams,

A better day awaits you,

Where everything will be new.

Good Night !

101. I love the night because I can count my drawbacks and improve myself at night.

The calm, peaceful and darkness gives me chance to think about myself.

Do it with yourself too.

Good Night !

102. Tomorrow is a new day and a new start to make things the best they can be!

Let someone know what they mean to you!

Good Night !

103. I love the silent hour of the night,

For blissful dreams may then arise,

Revealing to my charmed sight – What may not bless my waking eyes.

– Anne Bronte

Good Night !

104. I know you had a bad day today.

But on this calm night be thankful that you are alive and fine.

Tomorrow can be better for you. Good Night !

105. Let the sheep jump over the moon as you count them until your eyes close shut, knowing tomorrow is filled with adventure.

Good Night !

106. I wish you a nice and peaceful sleep with some wonderful dreams.

Enjoy the night, forget about negative things and have a good sleep.

Good Night !

107. I am sending you a great message.

The message is you are a wonderful person.

You can do any job with confidence.

Have a faith.

Tomorrow will be a good day.

Good Night !

108. God’s guidance is like a small lamp in a dark forest…

Doesn’t show everything at once…

But gives enough light for the next step to be safe.

Good Night !

109. Day is over, night has come.

Today is gone, what’s done is done.

Embrace your dreams, through the night.

Tomorrow comes with a whole new light.

Good Night !

110. The day is over and the night has covered the sky.

Today is done and gone away,

allowing you to embrace your dreams.

Good Night !

111. My only wish for you this night,

Is you forget all your stress,

Sleep well is all I want,

Without the mess,

Forget everything what happened today,

And focus on tomorrow,

A new day is waiting for you, without any sorrow.

Good Night !

112. Don’t be sad for today.

Today has become past.

Tomorrow is future.

Think about future and prepare for it.

Good Night !

113. The best part of the day is lying in bed knowing that you accomplished all that you set out to do.

Good Night !

114. Motivation should never come to an end no matter how far the sun has fallen in the night sky.

Good Night !

115. Good-nights are made of love,

happiness and the courage to tackle every problem that comes your way tomorrow.

Good Night !

116. The sun has gone down, the moon and stars are out.

It’s time to have all your troubles, worries, and cares melt away.

Lay your head down and drift off to sleep.

Good Night !

117. At night don’t waste your time doing worthless things.

Sleep early and get ready for a new day to start.

This day may bring you a perfect chance to fulfill your dream.

Good Night !

118. You don’t need to have a big room,

feather pillow or silk bed cover to sleep well.

You need a big heart who can forgive and forget easily all the pain and stress.

Good Night !

119. Why go to bed with a frown and anger when you can go to bed with a smile and laughter?

The world is only as serious and painful as you allow.

Good Night !

120. Soldiers fight at day and take rest at night.

You are a brave soldier of life.

You have worked hard today.

Now sleep and gain energy for your battle of life for tomorrow.

Good Night !

121. People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.

Good Night !

122. Good night to you my friend,

There is no need to pretend,

Because I am wishing you from my heart,

For tomorrow is a new day and start,

So sleep tight.

Good Night !

123. Dreams are the best part of life;

If you miss sleep you missed the best part of your life.

Now go to the bed and catch the good dreams.

Good Night !

124. When you stop smoking weed you get some really weird crazy dreams that seem so real.

Goodnight folks lets see what happens tonight in the dreamland!

Good Night !

125. They say that God sprinkles his blessings upon the earth every day and I think I have caught one it’s you!

Good Night !

126. The night is here,

The stars shining bright,

Say a good night prayer,

And forget your fright,

The night is here,

So embrace it with ease,

There would be no worries to cease.

Good Night !

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