Good morning Messages for wife

18. I dreamt about you last night and woke up with such a great feeling because I know that you are not just a dream but the reality of my life.

19. All the dark storms in my life passed away when my world was smothered by the warm sunshine of your love. Good morning.

20. The tenderness of your love makes me blossom every day. Good Morning!

21. Hey, my queen of the heart, you have turned all my nightmares into nice dreams and polished my fears with your love. Good morning with lots of kisses!

22. How I wish that this morning never hold to end and I could stay with you all the time. Good Morning dear!

23. Hey my pretty sunshine, nothing makes me happier than being with you. Good Morning!

24. Thanks to God, that you're my sunlight; no matter the weather is. Good morning.

25. As long as you are with me every single day is cheerful. Good morning honey!

26. I should have kissed you awake this morning, but you looked so restful and beautiful, I couldn't bring myself to do it. Forgive me.

27. I wonder how one can go to work when you have an exotic wife at home. Good morning my sexy lady!

28. I woke up thinking about how lucky I am to have such a beautiful, capable, intelligent woman as my wife and just had to tell you.

29. I always wanted you as my wife, just like how my heart always needed you as its life. Good morning.

30. A lot of people dream about being in heaven. But I must be the only man in the whole world to wake up to heaven – the sight of a face as beautiful as yours. Good morning!

31. When people use the phrase rise and shine, I think of you. You always wake up like a ray of sunshine. Hope your day is sunny too.

32. I love you so much sweetheart, I just don't know where to start. Maybe because my love for you is like the sunrise, every day it is a new prize.

33. Every morning comes with a lot of beauty as I wake up seeing your smiling face; good morning!

34. Our marriage gives me a reason to succeed, a reason to work harder, a reason to face challenges, a reason to smile and a reason to be alive. Good morning sweetheart.

35. Every morning I am reminded of my life's best decision – marrying the most beautiful woman in the world. Good morning sweetheart.

36. I always thought that our wedding would be the most beautiful memory of my life but I was wrong. Each and every day of our lives is becoming a memory more beautiful than the previous one. Good morning.

37. Good morning to the beat of my heart, the life of my soul, the vision in my eyes and the life in my breath.

38. All my nights and days are filled with the wonders of your love. A lovely morning to you and thanks for being that special and wonderful woman in my life.

39. Though we run in a hurry every morning, it's your thought that keeps me inspired and happy throughout the day. Love to be with you. Good Morning.

40. Your first kiss in the morning simply boosts up my desire for you. Good Morning my love!

41. It is a bit tough to choose work over you every morning, as my sleeping beauty attracts me towards her arms. Good Morning my lovely wife!

42. I will never find out which is more – my love for your hugs or my craving for your kisses. But this is one confusion I am ready to live with as long as I get lots of both. Good morning.

43. We're supposed to wake up and count our blessings each day. I've got it really easy… I just roll over and look at your sweet face.

44. To my wife, I wish you a good morning with love and kisses. I hope your day becomes great with superb moments to cherish always.

45. Every day I wake up and choose to be happy because you give me a reason to. Good morning.

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