Broken Heart Quotes

1. Thank You For Loving Me, Hating Me, Hurting Me, And Teaching Me How To Let Go Of Someone That Wasn't Right For Me.

2. You Wonder Why I Don't Talk To You Anymore And Please Believe Me When I Say It's Not That I Don't Want To, It's Just That Everything I Want To Say I Can't Tell You Anymore.

3. I Am Idiot Who Cried 4 U Why Do I Still Love U U Have Hurt Me U Have Broken Me U Have Given Tears In My Eyes I No Longer Trust Anyone I No Longer Smile U Have Eresed Happiness 4rm My Life U Made Me Feel Lonely U Left My Heart Broken But Still I Love U How Stupid Am I...!

4. I Am Single After My Broke Up.. Not Because I Dont Pray For Love.. But.. I Am Single Because I Dont Play With Love..!

5. Everyday, I Wait For A Text. :'( Everyday, I See You I Wait For A Hello. :'( Everyday, I Tell My Friends How Much I Adore You. :'( Everyday, I Find Myself Let Down. :'( But Everyday I Still Find Hope... :'(

6. I Always Thought I Had Some Place In Their Heart. Whom I Loved But Everytime I Was Wrong I Was Just Like A Candle When Ever Needed I Was Burnt 🙁

7. No One Understands The Silence Between My Words, No One Understands The Sadness Behind My Smile, No One Understands The Unsaid Feelings Of Mine, They Think I Am Fine But Only I Know Daily I Am Dying :'( I Want To Be Happy Again, I Want To Live Those Moments Again, I Am Sick Of Wearing A Fake Smile. I Am Waiting For The One Who Can Really Make Me Smile.. :):):)

8. Once People Told Me Love Is True, I Didn't Believe It Till I Found You, Now That U Gone, I'm Going Crazy, I Wish U Would Here N Tell Me "I Love You"

9. I Lost Someone Who Was Never Mine And You Lost Someone Who Was Always Yours !!

10. Sweetest Line Said By A Girl To A Boy During Their Breakup.. "Still U Will Be My Answer, When Someone Asks What U Are Thinking About..!"

11. When Nothing Goes Right I Thought You'd Be There When I Looked In The Light I Realized You Didn't Care You've Moved On, I Guess Ill Do The Same Its Just Harder For Me, Cause We Went Separate Ways I Loved You, I Thought U Did Too.

12. It's Easy To Convince Yourself You're Not In Love With Someone, Until You See That Person One Day And Then Your Damn Heart Whispers, "here We Go Again"

13. A Moment Which We Passed Together Is Too Short .. But I Feel The Great Happiness .. You Know ? Happiness Without U Is Nothing ..

14. Once I Loved Someone Very Truly She Broke Mah Heart Into Pieces Nd Walked Away.. Now Each Part Of Mah Heart Loves Separately And Peoples Call Me FLIRTY.

15. Broken Trust Is Like A Melted Chocolate, No Matter How U Tried To Freeze It, It Will Never Return To Its Original Shape..!

16. Hurt Me, Tease Me, Make Me Cry, But In The End Of My Life, When I Die Plz At least Keep 1 Rose On My Grave & Say "Stupid I Miss U"....:

17. You're The One Who Broke My Heart, You're The Reason My World Fell Apart, You're The One Who Made Me Cry, Yet I'm Still In Love With You And I Don't Know Why..!!

18. It Pains Inside But I Never Said A Word, I Always Said I Love You But You Never Heard, Louder Than Thunder Was Scream, When I Cried, Still You Went Away No Matter How Hard I Tried..! I Am Trying To Be Happy Wearing A Smile, But Its Too Painful Inside.. Everywhere I Go I See Your Face, 'N Realize How Much I Miss You; But I Still Know That You’re With Me, With Me Forever.. !

19. Do U Know Which Is D Most Expensive Liquid In D World? Its Tear. Its Made Of 1 Percent Of Water And 99 Percent Of Feelings Or Emotion.. So Think Twice B4 U Hurt Sum1.

20. "They Say Follow Your Heart But When Your Heart Is In So Many Pieces, Which Way Are You To Follow?"

21. Broken Heart:- My Absence May Not Make Any Difference To U.. But, I Know I Loved U Truely.. And Wont Give The Same Moments To Anyone New..!

22. I Am Where Exactly You Left Me You Are The One Who Moved On Its Your Decision Yours Life, Mine Was Nothing Remain Like Whenever I Think About That Moment, Broked Up In Tears And Middle Of The Pain. You Went On Miles Away From Me' I'm The One Who Wana Come Near To Miles.

23. A Million Words Would Not Bring You Back, I Know Because I've Tried, Neither Would A Million Tears, I Know I've Cried.

24. U Will Never Be Mine But I Still Love U. Cute Way TØ Express The LØve: "My Life did not begin with you.., But I wish my Life should end with youღღღ♥♥

25. It Pains Inside But I Never Said A Word, I Always Said I Love You But You Never Heard, Louder Than Thunder Was Scream, When I Cried, Still You Went Away No Matter How Hard I Tried..! I Am Trying To Be Happy Wearing A Smile, But Its Too Painful Inside.. Everywhere I Go I See Your Face, 'N Realize How Much I Miss You; But I Still Know That You’re With Me, With Me Forever.. !

26. U May Think That I Forgot U, U May Think That I Dont Care, U May Think That I M Fake. But U R Wrong U Always Walk With Me In My Thoughts..!!!

27. I Can Get A Girl Who Love Me More Than You ... But You Will Never Get A Guy Who Love You More Than Me ..

28. When I Close My Eyes I See No One Except You.. But When I Open My Eyes I See Everyone Except You..

29. I Know Im Not What U Want.. And, It Hurts Me.. Bcoz, All I Want Is Only U..!

30. I Just Broke Up With Someone And The Last Thing She Said To Me Was: "You Will Never Ever Find Anyone Like Me Again In Your Life" I Am Thinking, I Should Hope Not ! If I Do Not Want You, Why Would I Want Someone Like You.

31. Deepest Love Is The Biggest Sorrow In The World.. Never Love A Person More Than Ur Life.. Bcoz, It Will Kill U A Lot When U Miss That Person..!

32. You Asked Me Why I Loved You And I Said Because You Are And Always Have Been My Dream. You Said The Same. The Only Difference Was. I Didn't Lie.

33. I Really Don't Know What's Wrong With You.. But I Know One Thing For Sure.. That No Matter How Much You Hurt Me, I Can't Stop Loving You...

34. I Know You'll Never Love Me, And I Don't Know Why??? I Know You'll Never Think Of Me, Itz Makes Me Want To Cry !!! Buh I Do Know That I'll Love You, Each And Every Day !!! As Long As Your Happy ... In This Sad World I'll Be Happy Too Even Through I'm A Lonely Girl ...!!

35. My Eyes Are Hurting Coz I Cant See U, My Arms R Empty Coz I Cant Hold U, My Lips Are Cold Coz I Cant Kiss U & My Heart Is Breaking Coz Im Not With U..!

36. WORDS OF A BROKEN LOVER: The One and Only time I hate the word "Friends" is When she said "Let us be only friends..!

37. Lines By Broken Heart: In Love Try To Gain Hearts With Permission.. Never Try To Steal It Without Permission.. If U Steal U Cannot Gain..!

38. Just Like The Clouds, My Eyes Will Do The Same.. If U Walk Away Everday It Will Rain..!

39. Its Difficult To Wait For Someone.. Its Difficult To Forgot Someone.. But The Most Difficult Is To Decide Whether To Wait Or To Forget Someone..

40. I’m Not Angry That I Lost You, I’m Sad Because I Once Had You.. I’m Not Angry That I Can’t Have You, I’m Sad Because I Know What I’m Missing.. I’m Not Angry That You’ve Moved On, I’m Sad Because I Can’t Walk Wid U..

41. Do You Know What Hurts The Most...? Its When Someone Made You Feel Part Of Their Life Yesterday.. But Made You Feel That You Are The Most Unwanted Person Today...!!!

42. You Know Somebody, And They Cry For You. They Stay Awake At Night, And Dream Of You. I Bet You Never , Even Know They Do, But Somebody Crying For You.

43. I Know She Is The Prestigious Gift I Ever Had But Some Time I Feel I Was The Game That She Played I Know She Was Very Innocent, Cute, Nd Lovable Nd I Loved Her Also As She. But One Day She Broke Ma Heart In To Several Pieces But Where Are You Now I Wanna Say You One Thing You Can Hate Me But Dont Try To Forget Me.!!!

44. Sweetest Part In Life Is 2 Carry All The Memories In Life. But. . Toughest Part Is 2 Say Good Bye To The Person Who Is Behind Those Memories..!!!

45. Pyaar, Pyaar Hai. Chahe Khushiyo Se Bhara Ho, Ya Gam Se. Pyaar Mein Khushi Ho Tho Sab Jeete Hain. Pyaar Mein Jeene Ka Maza Tho Tab Aata Hai Jab Pyaar Mein Gam Ho. Realy I Want To Live In Love With .........Sadness.........

46. My God Knows About My Pain.. But, He (My Love) Is Still Unaware About It..!

47. Whenever I Think Of U This Question Comes To My Mind Why Couldnt U Love Me Dear ? Im Still Thinking Of You.

48. Everyone Tells Me I Should Forget About You, You Dont Deserve Me. Theyre Right, You Dont Deserve Me, But I Deserve You.

49. When I Don't See You I'm Fine & I Can Move On.. But The 2nd I See Your Face I'm Back 2 Wishing You Were Mine Again..

50. I May Pretend I Have Forgotten U In Front Of Others.. But, My Heart Always Whispers.. Bcoz, Forgetting Is The Matter Of Mind Not Heart..!

51. U Hurted Me At Extreme Level, I Was Silent. U Broke My Heart, I Was Silent, U Ignored Me At Worst, I Was Silent. U Busy With Others And Didn't Even Care For Me, I Was Silent. Everytime I Texts You But You Didn't Replied, I Was Silent. But When U Left Me, I Brusted Into Tears. "Bceause You Hurts Me More Than I Deserve".

52. I Will Never Regret The Things I Did Wrong. I Will Only Regret The Good Things I Did For The Wrong People..

53. It Hurts When We Risk Our Heart.. And, It Ends Up Being Broken.. But, What Hurts More Is When We Still Hold On, When We Already Know We Are Waiting For Nothing..!

54. Never Talk About Feelings, If They Aren’t Really There Never Hold My Hand, If You Going To Break My Heart Never Say You Are Going To, If You Don’t Plan To Start Never Look In My Eyes, If All You Do Is Lie Never Say Hello, If You Really Mean Goodbye

55. Sad Isn't It? How No Matter What You Do Or Say To Me... When You Come Running Back... When You Need Me Again... I'll Be Here... Right Here Waiting For You, I'll Take You Back... No Questions Asked. Sad Isn't It?

56. When It's Clear That You Don't Feel The Same Way For Me... The Problem Is That As Much As I Can't Force You To Love Me, I Can't Force Myself To Stop Loving You.

57. Touchy Lines By A Lover. "I Love My Shadow A Lot. Bcoz Atleast It Was With Me When Iam Left Lonely By The One Whom I Actually Loved A Lotttt.

58. I Am Trying To Be Happy Wearing A Smile; But Its Too Painful Inside.. Everywhere I Go I See Your Face, And Realize How Much I Miss You; But I Still Know You Can Never Be Mine Again..

59. Love Is The Most Cutable Fault That Never Can Get Forgiveness... That's Enough To Give Me Pain With Your Love To Make Me Sad Forever..

60. I Don't Want You To Came Back.. But, Just Give Me Back My Life Passed With You..!

61. When The World Sleeps.. I Lay Broken Inside.. When The World Is Awake.. My Heart Cries For Death.. Living Hurts More Than Dying..!

62. So Much Pain Behind Those Eyes But Still They Don't Speak Out' Don't Let Know What They Feel? What They Want From Others? How Do They Live Their Life? Why Do They Live Their Life? But Still Cry out In Pain And Move On With A Broken Heart...

63. The Rain Fall Bcoz, The Sky Can No Longer Handle Its Heaviness.. Just Like The Tears, It Falls Bcoz, The Heart Can No Longer Handle The Pain...

64. Biggest Pain In Life Is To Sit Infront Of The Person U Loved A Lot & He/she Is Crying Infront Of U For The Person He/she Loved...

65. I Still Remember Your Last Words- Dont Call Me... Dont Text Me... Dont Irritate Me... You Know... My Heart Was Taken By You... Broken By You... And Now It Is In Pieces Because Of You.. And Still Every Single Piece Craves, Longs For You Only... Trust Me Baby I Am Going Through Hell.. I Am Suffering Each And Every Moment... Why Dont You See... All I Ever Wanted Is You Only

66. I've Always Heard .. It Takes Only A Minute To Have A Crush On Someone.. An Hour To Like Someone.. And A Day To Love Someone But Nobody Ever Told Me It Only Takes A Second To Lose Them Forever!

67. Forgive Me For Liking You Too Much, I’ll Forgive You For Not Liking Me Enough..! Forgive Me For The Loud Racing Of My Heart, I’ll Forgive You For Not Hearing It..! Forgive Me For Finding You Amazing, I’ll Forgive You For Never Noticing..! Forgive Me For Wanting To Be With You More Than Anything, I’ll Forgive You For Avoiding Me..! Forgive Me For Not Being Able To Let Go, I’ll Forgive You For Never Holding On..!

68. Words By Broken Heart- Another Year Has Passed And The Same Way I Watch The Hours, Minutes, Seconds Pass Away, But IM Still Waiting For You.):

69. U May Find Some1 Better Than Me, Worse Than Me, More Exciting Than Me Or So Much More Different Than Me. But There Will Never Be Another Person The Same As Me:(

70. I've Honestly Tried To Let U Go.. I've Honestly Tried To Forget U.. I've Honestly Tried Not To Think Of U.. But, I Honestly Cannot.. Bcoz, I Honestly Dont Want Too..!

71. Unbeatable Lines: "I Strongly Feel That, I Have Enough Hearts Who Care For Me, But Many Times Life Prove That, It's Just My Imagination

71. One Of The Saddest Thing That Can Happen Is.. When One Falls In Love.. While The Other Wants Nothing More Than Frndship..!

72. Im Learning How To Be Okay Without You. And I Cant Wait For The Day When I Get To Look At You And Feel Absolutely Nothing 🙁

73. I Am Not Sad.. But I Don't Want To Talk To Anyone Or Listen To Anyone Or Smile.. Or Laugh..

74. BEAUTY Doesn't Make Love But Love Makes BEAUTY ; . BREAK Everything But Never BREAK The HEART; . Heart Is The Music' PLAY It But Never Play WITH It...

75. Everyday, I Wait For A Text. Everyday I See You I Wait For A Hello. Everyday I Tell My Friends How Much I Adore You. Everyday I Find Myself Let Down. But Everyday I Still Find Hope...!

76. I Have Died Everyday Waiting For You. Jaanu' Don't Be Afraid I Have Loved You, For A Thousand Years.. I'll Love You For A Thousand More!

77. Wanting Her Is Hard To Forget.. Loving Her Is Hard To Regret.. Losing Her Is Hard To Accept.. But Even With All The Hurt I've Felt, Letting Go Is The Most Painful Yet.

78. I Want To Touch A Heart, But When I Try To Touch, It Get Broken, May Be It's Best I Keep Away.

79. If U Will Leave Me, I Promise U Will Come Back Once With Ur Open Eyes To See My Closed Eyes..!!

80. Still I Cannot Believe I Am Standing Alone Here, Without You I Am Surrounded By Fear, Because Without You I Am Not Whole, And No One Else Can Play Your Role.

81. I'm Proud Of My Heart.. U Know Why..? Bcoz, Everyone Played With It.. Loved It.. Broke It.. But, Some How It Still Works..!

82. You Touched My Heart W¡th A Thousand Pleasures... And Broke ¡T ¡N To A M¡ll¡on P¡eces

83. You Know Somebody, And They Cry For You. They Stay Awake At Night And Dream Of You. I Bet You Never Even Know They Do, But Somebody's Crying For You...!

84. To Die In Luv For Someone Is Not The Big Thing.. To Live With That Pain With Smile Forever... Is The Great Real Achievement..!

85. Great Lines By A Broken Heart: Your First Mistake Was Leaving Me. Your Second Mistake Was Giving Me The Chance To Realize I Could Live Without You.

86. I'm Going To Smile And Make You Think I'm Happy, I'm Going To Laugh, So You Don't See Me Cry, I'm Going To Let You Go In Style, And Even If It Kills Me I'm Going To Smile.

87. Your Ignorance Slashes My Heart All The Time.. 'N The Pain Is Now Just Too Much To Bear.. Just Promise Me That U'll Be Mine... I Wont Ask You To Keep It.. Just Say That You'll Come Back To Me.. I Wont Ask You To Return Just Say That You Still Love Me Like You Did Before... I Will Never Ask For A Proof... Just Say That You Miss Me The Way I Miss You... 'N You Want Me To Come Back.. I Promise I Will Cum Back To You Forgetting Everything That You Did To Me. !

88. I'll Leave Someth¡ng When I W¡ll Leave Th¡s World.. Few Memor¡es In Your Heart... Few Tears In Your Eyes.. My Name On Your L¡ps... & My Absence In Your L¡fe.

89. I Think Of You In Silence I Often Speak Your Name All I Have Left Are Memories And A Heart Around Your Name My Heart Aches With Sadness And All My Tears Will Flow But What It Meant To Lose You No-one Will Ever Know

90. I Can Harden Up And Never Again Expose The Way You Hurted Me To Anyon, I Can Shut Myself Not Just To You But Also To The Rest Of The World.

91. "Its Painful To Think That You'll Never Be Mine, But What Is More Painful Is To Realize That I Knew It All Time".

92. Words From A Lover For His Love After Breakup: "Please Do Not Turn Back And Face Me Once More.. I Dont Have Another Heart To Lose.!"

93. Tears Pouring Out Of My Eyes When I Remember Your Fragrance It Hurt Me Lot.. Why Did You Leave Me Like This? Today You Stay So Far To Me Never Can Be Reach..

94. Its Hard To Live Alone, Harder To Chose Someone To Love But, Hardest Is To Admit That You Have Falling In Love With Someone Who Can Never Be Yours!

95. Deepest Love Is The Biggest Sorrow In The World.. Never Love A Person More Then Ur Life It Wil Kill U Alot When U Miss A Person.

96. Nothing Hurts More Than Realizing He Meant Everything To You, But You Meant Nothing To Him.

97. Loneliness Has Taught Me Everythng In This World Except One Thing... How To Forget The One Who Made Me Lonely....!

98. After He Broke My Heart My Friends Asked, "How Many Reasons Do You Have To Still Love Him?" I Pointed To The Stars & Said "Start Counting."?

99. It's Amazing How Someone Can Break Your Heart; But You Still Love Them With All The Little Pieces.

100. My Heart Is Paining No More.. I Have Only Our Eternal Memory.. Really I Can't Believe That I'm Gonna Miss You.. My Life Also Gonna Dream.. You Are A Nice Dream That Come To My Life For A Short Time.. Really You Are..

101. It Hurts To Love Someone And Not Be Loved In Return. But What Is More Painful Is To Love Someone And Never Find The Courage To Let That Person Know How You Feel.