Happy Birthday Sister Blessing

Are you looking for some new attractive Happy Birthday Sister Blessing ? Then here you come to the right place. We arrange for you the most updated list of Birthday Wishes.

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1. A huge thank you for being my bodyguard, best friend, and secret keeper. I don’t know what I’d do without you!

2. You are an incredible human being and I am so proud to call you my sister! I hope all you dreams come true!

3. May God bless you today and always with peace, joy, and chocolate, lots and lots of chocolate.

4.  After all is said and done, you win the highest sister award handily . you have stood up on behalf of me, comforted me, and inspired me in numerous ways.

5. Having a sister is like having a beautiful flower from the same magical garden. I love you, sis.

Happy birthday wishes for sister

6. From one awesome person to another, happy birthday! Enjoy your special day, sis!

7. You are stronger than you think! I will always love you, sis.

8. You’re the coffee to my mornings and the joy in my life. I love you, sister.

Happy Birthday Cake

9.  If I’d had the possibility, I couldn’t have picked a far better sister than you. Have an excellent birthday and I’m so glad you’re in my life!

10. Have faith in God for he's bigger than any problem you'll ever face in life. Happy birthday, my sweet sister.

Happy birthday my cute sister

11. Happy birthday to my original ally and best sister. Here is to you enjoying every moment of your very special day!

12. You are my sister by blood and my soul sister for life. Congrats on another awesome year of being you!

13. Sparkling. Beautiful. Happy. Amazing. These are all the items you're inside and out.

14. You are adorable, caring and loving. Happy Birthday, Sister!

15. You are adorable, caring and loving. Happy Birthday, Sister!

16. Remember how I used to comb your hair and dress you up when you were a little girl. Just see, how time flies. You have grown up into a beautiful woman, but for me you will always remain that cute little girl. Wishing you a very happy birthday!

17. I still remember those pillow fights that we had as kids and also how we played in the park. Such beautiful times, they passed too soon. Wishing you a very happy birthday; have a fun-filled day!

18. You are better than me in all terms, but I have never jealous of u, because you are mine and I am your sister!

19. Thank God I have an elder sister. You are a a shield that protects me from all harm, including mom and dad’s anger. Happy Birthday!

20. Lucky to have a sis like you who has filled my life with smooch happiness. Thanks for all the care and affection. Wishing you a very happy birthday.

21.Your determination motivates me and inspires me to my best in life. Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday my dear sister

22. I felt scared when I was alone thank you for always being protective and wish you a very happy birthday!!

23. Dear sis, you have taught me so much. There is no better teacher than you. Happy Birthday!

24. There is never a dull moment with you around. You bring so much happiness and fun into my life. Wishing you a very happy birthday!

happy birthday sister in law Video

25. How can I forget to wish the human who has always been the second mother to me. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday sister

26.We are friends by chance, sisters by choice and supercool by association. Happy sweet birthday!

27. I remember how you ate my share of cake on my birthday. But, I am gonna get back at you on your birthday. So stay alert and have a very happy birthday, dear sister!

28. Friends will make us laugh, lovers make us smile but sisters are one who stay back and wipe all the tears!

29. Today comes the day to celebrate and wish you. After so many fights, you are still best my sister!

30. How incomplete one earring look when worn without other. That is how I look. Happy birthday sister!

31. You are the one to share every phase, believe in good and forgive the rest. Thank you for being there!

32. Without the water, the plants hardly survive. Similarly without you I am nothing my sister. Many happy returns of the day!

33. Without the water, the plants hardly survive. Similarly without you I am nothing my sister. Many
happy returns of the day!

34. Cut your cake, lit the candle and spread the joy because it’s a special day for both of us. I love you sister!

35. Don’t blow all the candles at one go because we might have take you to the hospital then, giggles. But please work on your weight, happy birthday baby girl!

lovely Happy birthday sister

36. So, the big news for the day she ordered all the cake by herself, just joking! Happy birthday to the beautiful soul in you, may all your wishes do come true.

37. Great birthday celebration is when you cut the cake and I have it all. Let’s celebrate this birthday the same way. Happy Birthday sister!

38. If ever happens that I forget your birthday, I request you never get angry on me. I can forget your birthday but not your love!

39. You and I are really crazy and funny siblings. All those fights and later on apologies. It is all so much fun. I really do not know what would I do without you. Have a fantastic birthday dear sister!

40. At times you tend to act silly and get me really angry. But in the end it is you who stands by me in times of need. Thanks dear sister, and have a very happy birthday!

41. It is really a fun when you are around me, I love you my sweet little sister and wish you very happy birthday!

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